Thursday, April 14, 2016

Creative Soulful Woman

As you can see, there have been no new posts since 2012, when my new book came out.

Since then, I've joined the 60's club, and have moved away from the menopause discussion.

But this blog remains, and has some excellent resources for any woman headed out onto that journey of ups and downs and rollercoaster ride.

Please browse the articles and blog posts here. Know that the Mid-Life Transition is more than just menopause.

It affects all of us. Carl Jung wrote that this was a key transition time in human beings, and requires time for reflection, looking back at our past. We restory the old stories, the baggage, the pain we have been lugging around, and sometimes we find a surprise beginning!

So check out this page, but come and visit me on my Creative Soulful Woman blog, or on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (all of which are linked from my website 




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