Friday, November 16, 2007

Bitch Goddess

Bitch goddess

how she snarls at the moon!

tail bone high,
she raises her hindquarters to the wind
howls to the four directions, claiming

her Space

warns me, if I don’t listen to her
yelping & crying
she’ll tear me apart with her teeth.

I’m learning a healthy respect,
let her sniff my palms, and crotch.
she scares my angelic side, with her dirty paws –

get down! I want to yell,
go take a bath.

but she is getting down in the desert dust,
rolling, getting an itch out.

she invites me down on all fours,
knees to the dirt
(my pretty white leggings stained).

But soon I’m wagging my butt
& howling, too.


motherwintermoon said...

Awhooo!! Awesome. Powerful. I loVe it. Wagging my butt and howling too, thank you, Goodess Sister!

musemother said...

glad you liked it. I have a series of poems on the The Angel and the Bitch Goddess, so maybe will post some more.


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