Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Turning Fifty

Want to let you know I'm mainly blogging at Musemother blog, and on Facebook posting daily quotes from Musemother about the creative life, the inner journey, and a woman's heart and soul connection.

Soon to be released on Amazon is The Tao of Turning Fifty, available for sale on my website, Subtitle: What Every Woman in Her Forties Needs to Know.

So hop on over to Musemother's blog, or visit the website for upcoming events and news.

What's in the works: online journal writing classes for women who want to connect with the Inner Feminine wisdom and just hang out with like-minded women who seek to know themselves better through jotting things down on paper - a mysterious process that seems to work really well !

have a creative, transformative mid-life journey


menopausal mama said...

Okay I'll check it out!

musemother said...

Book is going live on Amazon Feb 9.
local book launch Feb 21.

sammy said...
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Jami Haines said...

Well, here I am, a week before my 49th b-day, searching the web trying not necessarily to "find answers" as to what I going through...I already know that, but rather, HOW TO COPE WITH...
1. weight gain despite working out every day
2. feeling like I'm going to rip my boyfriend's head off if he crunches a chip too loudly
3. no motivation to do what needs to be done as a teacher of 1st graders
etc, etc, etc. Thank goodness I found this blog. I feel better already knowing I have support!!!!

musemother said...

Welcome Jami and may I also recommend a book just published The Tao of Turning Fifty - which women have told me helps them feel less alone when they feel like they're going crazy. Free excerpt at under Books.
Keep on trucking, it gets better, believe me! said...

This book is a great and successful effort, I can stop myself to admire this book. How beautifully you explained phases of women and a unique human being. Really a great job.

cool site said...

I'm glad I stumble upon your website. Thanks for sharing such helpful post.


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