Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Tao of Turning Fifty Book Launch

Now available on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Tao-Turning-Fifty

Also linked to www.jenniferboire.com under Books. Plus a free excerpt.

This book addresses the oftentimes overwhelming journey of the mid-life woman, and offers tips and exercises for finding calm int he middle of the storm.  It encourages you to give yourself a break, before you get a break down. There is a struggle in most women about being selfish versus beginning to take the time for self care, and inner reflection, but we benefit when we put ourselves on the agenda - take time to sort things out, write in our journal. This is also a workbook, with journal pages, calming and centering breath exercises, and mostly, encouragement that you are not going crazy. Menopause is not a disease - it's an important transition in a woman's life and part of her inner journey.

This book grew out of my research for a blog on menopause (here) and now that the book is done, I'm blogging over at Musemother. See sidebar for a link.



Electronic Medical Records said...

Yes fighting age and the health problems that start surfacing are quite disturbing mentally.And that you move away from the limelight as in youth also brings issues in the mental.

Kat said...

Great blog, by the way. I find that, now, more than ever it is important to have "me" time. Going for walks by myself helps me to think about me! Calms me, lets me breath some fresh air, and move my body a bit!

musemother said...

glad you like the blog, I'm writing more on the Musemother blog, but keep this one up for the articles and research that went into it. The book grew out of the blog but has more material as well, and journal writing exercises. Glad you take some "me" time, that's the best cure!


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