Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ms Menopause embarks on a new adventure

the change, the feminine cycle paused, honoring our cycle, our inner knowing, recapturing 'taboo' time, time to rest and recoup before burning out, fending off resentment before overwhelm and fatigue turn us into bitchy harrigans, and then, the 'bug soup' phase (after the chrsalis, before the butterfly), transforming - nobody said it would be easy....

these are some of the sparks for this Ms menopause blog

my peeves (and perks) about menopause will be explored, and any new news I can dig up, and old blogs with interesting stuff recycled.

Mostly I ask myself, and you, these questions...

what do you do for yourself to feel better?
when was the last time you spent a few hours taking care of your needs? or taking a nap?
(admittedly this is harder for workoholics and mothers, whom I call 'women who do too much' after the book Meditations for women who do too much....but aren't we all?)

How much self-care are you ready for?
what are you doing for creativity and soul fulfillment?
where do you sabotage yourself, again and again?
how is your stress meter?
what is the measure of success? how you feel overall?

Welcome to a place of retreat, information, inspiration and reminders to be gentle and caring with yourself during your 'menopause'.

Imagine this is the red tent for menopausal women. Here your soul can get a massage.
Here you can find a poem that speaks about finding yourself in the mirror again.
Or the Tao of Menopause, the wisdom of simplicity and emptying out.

Here we don't talk about wrinkles except as laugh lines...

drop by, visit, chat, join the conversation,

ms menopause

"As women we often discount our knowlege and try to skew our information or our perceptions so that they are acceptable to others. In so doing, we rob the world of our accumulated knowledge. Accurate information is important to the world. accurate information from a variety of perspectives is essential."

from Meditations for Women who do too much, Anne Wilson Schaef

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