Monday, September 24, 2007

The Secret of conscious intention

The last few years of peri-menopausal life (and menopause) have been full of ups and downs. Many books and lots of reading have helped me find clues to how to stay balanced and centered> most of the them focused on finding healthy living, healthy habits.

But the major source of clarity I've found has come from listening to my self, and taking my signals seriously. This demands a certain amount of quiet time, for downloading inner wisdom. Here's a little bit of help I found from Gary Zukav in his book, The Seat of the Soul. It works along the same lines as The Secret, which many millions have seen or read by now.

A thought is energy or light that has been shaped by consciousness. (Ok, that makes sense).

You are not a static system. You are a dynamic being of light...the light that flows through your system is Universal Energy...You give that light form - what you feel, think, how you behave...reflects the way you are shaping the light that is flowing through you. (still with me?)

Intention is the use of your will. You use the laser light of your focus, your whole personality to make choices. When you have conflicting intentions, you'll be torn in two because both dynamics oppose each other. If you are not aware of your intentions, the strongest will win.

A splintered personality struggles with itself, is not conscious of all parts of itself and lives in fear of those aspects that threaten that it seeks.

When we are in need of healing, we can intentionally treat ourselves with compassion.

So the upshot of this for menopausal women is that we feel lots of opposing forces at work, causing us to be drained emotionally and physically. The best solution I have found is to spend some time alone, resting, recouping and getting back in touch with my Light; then my focus and true intention can surface (not what society, or other people intend for us, but what we truly desire). This is my own unscientific observation of myself and those close to me going through menopause.

One day this summer I sat and wrote:

A woman's core essence
feeling above all, yet
thinking in the light
that includes myself and others:

what do I have to show for?
what do I receive, and give?
what silence will teach me?
what quiet mind will fill me with?
what listens at the bottom of the well
like a soul?
what lies in the movement of water
at the bottom of silence
what silences my core, essence of me
what listens to my core, silent
what receives me, in my core of silence
where I am,
where I am received, there I am
full of silence and feeling



Diane O'Connor said...

What a BEAUTIFUL blog! I love it!! Congratulations on a terrific start.


musemother said...

thanks Diane, you are so encouraging!
I want to make it easier to find.


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